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Simultaneous Detection Of A Cell Surface Antigen And

The TUNEL terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase-mediated dUTP nick-end labeling technique has been described as a sensitive method for detection of apoptotic nuclei in tissues and preferential staining of apoptotic strand breaks. Short-term microwave pre-treatment, a non-enzymatic pre-treatment te

Microwaveassisted Dilute Acid Pretreatment And

In this work, a microwave-diluted sulfuric acid pretreatment was applied prior to enzymatic hydrolysis of sago palm bark SPB. Characterization of the solid fraction was completed before and after the pretreatment process. Analysis of SPB ash showed a presence of 6.8 silica.

Quotdilute Sulfuric Acid Pretreatment Of Switchgrass In

Microwave-pretreated switchgrass afforded up to a 100 higher total glucose yield combined pretreatment and enzymatic-hydrolysis liquor yields at equivalent pretreatment severity and at one tenth of the reaction time, relative to conventional pretreatment. Under best pretreatment conditions of 0.75 vol acid, 195oC, 1 min residence time, 99 ...

Comparison Of Cyanide And Thiosulphate

Nanthakumar et al. 2007 tested microwave pretreatment with conventional roasting for a double refractory gold ore where both sulphides and carbonaceous matter were present. Roasting temperatures of 650C or over were required to convert the pyrite to hematite and to eliminate the organic carbon.

Pdf Microwave Pretreatment Of Defatted Rice Bran For

Microwave pretreatment of defatted rice bran for enhanced recovery of total phenolic compounds extracted by subcritical water

Effects Of Microwave Pretreatment Of Dewatered Sludge

Microwave pretreatment was applied to highly concentrated dewatered sludge produced from an oxidation ditch process OD sludge to improve its degradation and biogas production in mesophilic anaerobic digestion. In a batch experiment using methane fermentation, the biogas production potential of OD sludge was increased after microwave irradiation.

Phys Rev Applied 15 044045 2021 Microwave

Apr 28, 2021 Microwave-Resonator-Detected Excited-State Spectroscopy of a Double Quantum Dot Ming-Bo Chen, Shun-Li Jiang, Ning Wang, Bao-Chuan Wang, Ting Lin, Si-Si Gu, Hai-Ou Li, Gang Cao, and Guo-Ping Guo Phys. Rev. Applied 15, 044045 Published 28 April 2021

Combination Of Microwave And Ultrasonic Irradiations As A

Coal samples from concentrate of Shahroud coal preparation plant with an ash content of 13.8 and a total sulfur content of 1.89, without pretreatment and also with pretreatment by microwave irradiation, ultrasonic waves, and microwave followed by ultrasonic microwave- ultrasonic, was leached with HF and then HNO 3 to produce ultraclean coal UCC in a batch reactor.

Phys Rev Lett 120 097701 2018 Microwave Detection

Feb 27, 2018 Here we probe electron-phonon interactions in a suspended InAs nanowire double quantum dot DQD that is electric-dipole coupled to a microwave cavity. We apply a finite bias across the wire to drive a steady state population in the DQD excited state, enabling a direct measurement of the electron-phonon coupling strength at the DQD transition ...

Healthcare Waste Management In Covid 19 Context

Pretreatment HCF lab waste, samples, blood bags sterilization log6 Waste autoclave HEPA vs Vertical vs Microwave Std Specifications graphic or computer recording devices Safety standards of ISIBISISOEN installation of in NABLNABH Validation test records Chemical control

Microwave And Steam Mediated Alkaline Pretreatments Of

Overall, the pretreatment of SSB to produce fermentable sugars was effective, and the energy balance was positive both in microwave and steam pretreatments of alkaline suspension of SSB. In microwave treatment the energy applied can be more accurately dosed, and consequently the energy balance was improved compared to steam treatment.

Microwave Enhanced Roasting For Pyrite Ore Samples With

Microwave Enhanced Roasting for Pyrite Ore Samples with Dielectric Properties Strongly Dependent on Temperature 1. Tostaci n mejorada con microondas en muestras pir ticas con propiedades diel ctricas marcadamente dependientes de la temperatura 2. Manuel D az 3 Iv n Amaya 4 Rodrigo Correa 5. 1 Scientific and technological research article. Submitted on November 19th, 2014.

Richard Amankwah Google Scholar

Improved grindability and gold liberation by microwave pretreatment of a free-milling gold ore RK Amankwah, AU Khan, CA Pickles, WT Yen Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy 114 1, 30-36 ,

Pdf Combination Of Microwave And Ultrasonic Irradiations

Combination of Microwave and Ultrasonic Irradiations as a Pretreatment Method to Produce Ultra Clean Coal

Immunohistochemical Double Staining Of Microwave

Many of the antigens commonly investigated in histopathology can be enhanced by microwave pretreatment MWPT of formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections. We developed a double labeling method using microwave heating to detect otherwise undetectable nuclear antigens combined with immunohistochemistry IHC of cytoplasmic or membranous ...

Effect Of Microwaveassisted Acid Or Alkali Pretreatment

Microwave-assisted pretreatment Microwave-assisted pretreatment experiments were performed in modified domestic microwave oven Panasonic, NN-ST340M. The microwave oven has 2.45 GHz magnetron and a maximal operation power of 800 watt. A 1000 ml round-bottom flask was placed inside the microwave cavity

Optimization Of Microwavehydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment

Full Article. Optimization of Microwave-Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreatment of Cellulose. Jingjing Su, a,b Hongxiang Zhu, a,b, Lijun Wang, a,b Xinliang Liu, a,b Shuangxi Nie, a,b and Jianhua Xiong c,d A hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2 solution was adapted for microwave pretreatment of microcrystalline cellulose, which can be further used for heavy metal adsorption.

Understanding The Microwavethermal Pretreatment

between pretreatment conditions and electrochemical performance of rhGO have been studied. The microwave pretreatment improves the capacitance of rhGO effectively. In addition, the pretreatment with lower power200W shows a better property of capacitance compared with the pretreatment with higher power600W. But the reduction process by microwave

Evaluation Of The Interactive E Ect Pretreatment

Jul 06, 2020 2.3. Microwave-Assisted Pretreatment The microwave-assisted pretreatment was performed in a single-phase stainless steel domestic microwave oven with a 206 mm H 315 mm W 353 mm D microwave oven cavity from PanasonicNN-ST340M,Panasonic, Kadoma, OsakaPrefecture, Japan. Thismicrowavehasa 2.45 GHz magnetron.

Effectiveness Of Pretreatments On Acacia

the required temperature for 6 hours. Microwave pretreatment was conducted by passing the sample through a microwave applicator with the microwave generator set at a fixed level. Microwave energy used was the division of microwave power applied by the volume flow rate of sample. After air drying and pretreatment, both

Microwave Assisted Acid And Alkali Pretreatment Of

Oct 01, 2015 Thermochemical pretreatment is a significant step in the process of converting lignocellulosic biomass into fermentable sugars. In this work, microwave energy was applied to facilitate NaOH and H2SO4 pretreatments of Miscanthus. This was carried out at 180 in a monomode microwave cavity at 300 W.

Microwave Assisted Alkali Pretreatment Of Rice Straw For

Mar 25, 2014 Rapid industrialization, increasing energy demand, and climate change are the conditions that forced the researchers to develop a clean, efficient, renewable, and sustainable source of energy which has a potential to replace fossil fuels. Ethanol is one of the attractive and suitable renewable energy resources. In present study, effectiveness of microwave pretreatment in combination with ...

Pollimetallic Ore A Comparison Between Microwave And

Jul 15, 2021 and conventional heating pretreatment on grinding were carried out. The particle size, the grade of metal, and the metal distribution in each grinding product were analyzed before and after the heating pretreatment. Combined with the ability of mineral to absorb microwave, the inuence of microwave selective heating on grinding was analyzed. 2.

Overcoming Biomass Recalcitrance For Enhancing Sugar

Microwave pretreatment of biomass in glycerol is a potential pretreatment method prior to fast pyrolysis for enhancing levoglucosan yield since it can achieve the rapid heating and specific molecular activations for promoting the delignification and demineralization of biomass. In order to examine the validity of the pretreatment method ...

Review Pretreatment Process On Refractory Gold Ores

Microwave roast-ing is a new pretreatment to solve the problem. It uses min-eral absorption properties to heat minerals. In this way, gold, arsenic and sulfur can be separated from ores. The technical advantages of microwave roasting are selectively heating

Dilute Acid Hydrolysis Of Lignocellulose Fiber Sago

The dilute acid hydrolysis of fiber sago with cloride acid was undertaken in a microwave reactor system. The glucose and morphology analysis were performed after cellulose and hemi-cellulose hydrolysis. The hydrothermal condition was setup in a microwave furnace at microwave power of 800 W for 30-60 min. Scanning electron microscopy SEM analysis were utilized to confirm the microstructural ...

Microwave And Blanching Pretreatments For Hot Air

The results predicted with 95 confidence in the range of factors gave optimal microwave power of 630 W and pretreatment time of 2 min for microwave-assisted drying and optimal blanching time of 1 min and 43 seconds and a sample thickness of 3 mm. 4. Conclusion

Deepdyve Unlimited Access To Peerreviewed Journals

Do not surround your terms in double-quotes in this field. With at least one of the words Find any of these words, separated by spaces. Without the words Exclude each of these words, separated by spaces. With words in the article title Search for these terms only in the title of an article ...

Pretreatment In A Highpressure Microwave Processor For

When pretreatment is performed in a microwave processor, allowing microwave heating under pressure, precise temperature monitoring becomes possible. In addition, the importance of the pH of the buffer was studied using a test battery series. Optimal staining is achieved at a

Effect Of Microwave Pretreatment Of Thickened Waste

1. Waste Manag Res. 2014 Dec32121200-9. doi 10.11770734242X14554641. Epub 2014 Nov 14. Effect of microwave pre-treatment of thickened waste activated sludge on biogas production from co-digestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste, thickened

Quotmicrowave Pretreatment Of Switchgrass To Enhance

Switchgrass is a promising lignocellulosic biomass for fuel-ethanol production. However, pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials is necessary to improve its susceptibility to enzymatic hydrolysis. The objectives of this study were to examine the feasibility of microwave pretreatment to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of switchgrass and to determine the optimal pretreatment conditions.

Quotmicrowavebased Alkali Pretreatment Of Switchgrass And

Jul 19, 2011 Microwave- based alkali pretreatment of switchgrass and coastal bermudagrass was investigated in this study. Pretreatments were carried out by immersing the biomass in dilute alkali reagents and exposing the slurry to microwave radiation at 250 W for residence times ranging from 5 to 20 min. Simons stain method was used to quantify changes ...

Acidcatalyzed Algal Biomass Pretreatment For Integrated

Small-scale controlled microwave pretreatment experiments. The biomass generated was stored as a frozen paste at about 40 total solids and thawed at 4 C until ready for pretreatment. For the microwave pretreatment experiments 4 mL total reaction volume, 2 mL of the 15 solids algal biomass slurry was pipetted into a glass microwave ...

Modeling Changes In Biomass Composition During Microwave

Aug 17, 2009 This study used two different approaches to model changes in biomass composition during microwave-based pretreatment of switchgrass kinetic modeling using a time-dependent rate coefficient, and a Ma...

From Nano To Micrometer Scale The Role Of Microwave

Mar 22, 2018 Thereafter, stems were hand-sectioned using a razor blade into short fragments 10 mm prior to the pretreatment. A microwave digestion system Start D, Milestone with closed reactors was used for sample processing. A total weight of 2.5 g of SB was immersed in 50 mL of 1 mv H 2 SO 4 or NaOH solution. The pretreatment was carried out at ...