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Blasted Copper Slag As Fine Aggregate In Portland Cement

Jul 01, 2017 The present work focuses on assessing the viability of applying blasted copper slag, produced during abrasive blasting, as fine aggregate for Portland cement concrete manufacturing, resulting in an alternative and safe disposal method. Leaching assays showed no toxicity for this material. Concrete mixtures were produced, with high aggregate ...

Utilization Of Copper Slag As Fine Aggregates In

5 investigate the feasibility of using copper slag, as a partial replacement of sand in the preparation of pavement quality concrete PQC and dry lean concrete DLC mixesand concluded that a blend of stone dust with copper slag content up to 40 could be used as fine aggregate

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Copper slag is used as a fine aggregate increase in their percentage because of its finer particle size. in concrete with different proportion ranges in 0, 20, 40, 2 Replacement of fine aggregate with copper slag up to 60, 80, 100 with constant wb ratio.

Performance Of High Strength Concrete Made With Copper

N2 - This research study was conducted to investigate the performance of high strength concrete HSC made with copper slag as a fine aggregate at constant workability and to study the effect of superplasticizer addition on the properties of HSC made with copper slag.

Feasibility Study On The Use Of Modified Copper Slag As A

Jun 02, 2021 As an interesting discovery on the use of copper slag as a fine aggregate, the author stated that a wide range of research supports the use of Cu slag as a fine aggregate in concrete floors and pavements due to its reasonable hardness . Moreover, the author stated that from an environmental point of view, the Cu slag can be considered as a safe ...

Copper Slag Partially Replaces Fine Aggregate In M 25

of copper, approximately 2.23.0 tons copper slag is generated as a by-product material. In Oman approximately 60,000tons of copper slag is produced every year. Many researchers have investigated the use of copper slag as fine or coarse aggregate in the preparation of cement mortar and concrete. Copper slag has been excluded from the listed

A Study On Effective Replacement Of Fine Aggregate

2 Fine aggregate Locally available river sand conforming to Grading zone II of IS 383 1970. 3 Copper slag Copper slag is a by-product material produced from the process of manufacturing copper. As the copper settles down in the smelter, it has a higher density, impurities stay in the top layer and then are transported to a water

Study On Copper Slag And Micro Silica Effects

aggregates, Silica Fume and copper slag were examined. In the second phase, M30 grade of concrete is chosen to perform the effective replacement of copper slag with fine aggregate by replacement levels of 0, 25, 50 and 75 and the behaviour of fresh and hardened properties of concrete was carried out. Cement is replaced by Silica Fume for

A Brief Review On Blastfurnace Slag And

products as fine aggregate. Reuse of by-products as a partial or full replacement of fine aggre-gate in construction activities not only reduces the demand for extraction of natural raw materials, but also saves landfill space. There are many studies reused granulate blast-furnace slag GBFS and copper slag CS as a part of fine aggregate.

Properties Of Selfcompacting Concrete Containing Copper

Apr 06, 2018 For observing the micro-structure around the fine aggregate in the concrete, scanning electron microscopy was employed. The experimental results showed that the compressive strength of the concrete decreased with the mixing of copper slag fine aggregate, although the residual compressive strength increased after heating up to 300 C with the ...

Carbonation Resistance Of Selfcompacting Concrete

Feb 11, 2019 The aim of present investigation is to evaluate the carbonation resistance of self-compacting concrete SCC containing copper slag CS as fine aggregates. A total of 18 mixes were prepared, which were divided in to three series, namely CS-based mixes Series 1, CS-based mixes with silica fume Series 2, and CS-based mixes with metakaolin ...

Effect Of Copper Slag As A Partial Replacement Of Fine

Copper slag is one of the materials that is considered as a industrial waste which can be used in construction Industry. This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation on the properties of concrete using copper slag as partial replacement of fine aggregate.

Experimental Study On Concrete By Partial

requirement. They observed that when copper slag was used to replace fine aggregate, upto 40 copper slag replacement, the strength of concrete was increases while the surface water absorption decreases. They also observed that when more than 40 of copper slag is used, the microstructure of concrete contains more voids, micro cracks, and capillary

Mechanical And Microstructural Properties Of Copper

In this study GPC m ade of CPS as fine aggregate was examined, GPC showed good strength performance along with 18. CPS used as fine CPS aggregate in GPC showed an increase in strength than control concrete by 1.35 times, increase in quantity of copper slag

A Study On Copper Slag As Replacement Of Fine

of Corrosion and Durability Characteristics of Copper Slag Admixed Concrete,International Journal Of Civil And Structural Engineering Vol 1, No 2, pp-192-211. 12 Khalifa S. Al-Jabri , Abdullah H. Al-Saidy, RamziTaha 2011, Effect of copper slag as a fine aggregate on the concrete, Construction and Building Materials,Vol. 25.

C I Amp E N V Ironmental Journal Of Civil Amp Environmental

Many researchers had already found, copper slag possible to use as a material in concrete. In this experimental study copper slag is used in concrete as replacement material of fine aggregate. For this study, M40 grade of concrete is used and the tests are conducted for various replacement of fine aggregate using copper slag as 0, 20, 40, 60,

Properties Of Concrete Containing Waste

replacement of fine aggregate in concrete. This shows promise for developing an additional viable solution to tackle the issue of copper slag waste. Keywords industrial solid waste management copper slag aggregate concrete properties 1. Introduction Copper slag CS is a waste material widely obtained from the industrial sector in the

Effects Of Copper Slag As A Replacement For Fine

Reinforced Concrete Slender Columns AS Alnuaimi Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Sultan Qaboos University, Al-Khoud, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman Received 6 March 2011 accepted 7 March 2012 Abstract Use of copper slag CS as a replacement for fine aggregate FA in RC slender columns was experimen-tally investigated in this study.

Influence Of Copper Slag In Concrete As Partial

the copper slag can be alternatively used. 3 Vast quantities of copper slag are produced from manufacturing of copper.In our project we are using the copper slag by replacing natural fine aggregate at different percentage like 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100. B. Objective of the Investigation 1 The use of copper slag in the concrete as a ...

Properties And Effects Of Copper Slag In

greatest potential applications for reusing copper slag is in cement and concrete production. Many researchers have investigated the use of copper slag in the production of cement, mortar and concrete as raw materials for clinker, cement replacement, coarse and fine aggregates. The use of copper slag

Paper Open Access Preparation And Mechanical

May 03, 2020 concrete with copper slag, the fine quartz sand aggregate content decreases from 750 kgm 3 to 0, while the fine copper slag aggregate content of increases from 0 to 750 kgm 3. For the fiber reinforced high performance concrete incorporating copper slag as fine aggregates, the volume percentage of steel fiber is 2, as shown in Table 2. Table 2.

Experimental Investigation And Prediction Of Copper Slag

Jul 21, 2021 This research work is aimed to carryout experimental investigation on copper slag incorporated self-compacting SCC concrete here, copper slag is used as a replacement to fine aggregate in the range of 0100. The self-compacting concrete is manufactured with powder matrix incorporating cement, flyash, metakaolin, and silicafume.

An Experimental Study On Glassfibre Reinforced Self

Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete with Copper Slag Partially Replaced for Fine Aggregate deal with the study on the workability and durability properties of SCC with copper slag partially replaced for fine aggregate and containing silica fume as mineral admixture. Deepak Raj et al 2014, in the paper Experimental Methods

Experimental Study On Properties Of Strength

copper slag as a partial replacement of fine aggregate. International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Vol.3, No.4, pp.579-585 2 Wei Wu, Weide Zhang, Guowei Ma Optimum content of copper slag as a fine aggregate in high Concrete

Concrete With Copper Slag Fine Aggregate Okayama

This study on the application of copper slag as fine aggregate for concrete has been started with the expectation of large amounts of consumption. Many researchers have already found it possible to use a copper slag as a concrete aggregate. However, it also has been clear that the concrete with copper slag has some problems.

Use Of Copper Slag In Concrete And Cement

using copper slag as a replacement of fine aggregate on the strength properties. M25 grade concrete was used and tests were conducted for various proportions of copper slag replacement with sand of 0 to 100 in concrete. The test results indicate that compressive strength of concrete

A Mix Design Of Self Compacting Concrete With Copper

Abstract Since there is a scarcity of fine aggregate throughout the country it is essential to find a replacement of fine aggregate. Our idea is to use copper slag as replacement of fine aggregate.Due to several costs of labours for compaction we can go to self compacting concrete.

Properties Of Concrete Using Copper Slag As A Substitute

Copper slag, in amounts of 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 percent, was substituted for fine aggregate in cement mortar and concrete. The fineness modulus of the combination of copper slag and fine aggregate was roughly 2.6, the optimum fineness modulus for concrete mix design. At this value, workability was found to be satisfactory with minimal ...

Properties Of Self Compacting Concrete Made With

The use of Copper Slag as a Fine Aggregate in concrete mixes lowers the cost of the final product. Copper slag in cement and concrete has the potential to benefit all related industries in terms of both environmental and economic benefits, especially in areas where a large amount of copper slag is produced. Despite

Partial Replacement Of Copper Slag As Fine Aggregate

Partial Replacement of Copper Slag as Fine Aggregate Ambrish E1, Dhavamani Doss S2, ShanmugaNathan N3, ... Akihiko, Y. and Takashi, Y. Study of utilisation of copper slag as fine aggregate for concrete, Ashikaya Kogyo Daigaku Kenkyu Shuroku, Vol. 23, pp. 79-85, 1996.

Effect Of Copper Slag As A Fine Aggregate On Properties Of

Sep 16, 2016 Copper slag can be used as an alternative material for coarse and fine aggregate, since it gives better performance in all the corrosion tests conducted and permeability is less when compared with control concrete. Hence Copper slag can be utilized as sand replacement material without affecting the durability properties of concrete.

Mechanical Properties And Durability Of Concrete With

of concrete with copper-slag fine aggregate, with few exceptions e.g. 236, , 25. In the former two papers con-crete sand was partially replaced by copper slag and the water absorption, corrosion of reinforcement, chloride per-meability and acid and sulphate resistance of the resulting

Mechanical Properties And Durability Of Concrete With

Jan 27, 2017 Copper slag, the waste material produced in the extraction process of copper metal in refinery plants, has a number of physical characteristics similar to that of natural sand it can thus be a potentially good candidate for use as a fine aggregate in concrete production with many environmental benefits, such as waste recycling and the ...

Copper Slag As Fine Aggregate For High Performance

study the potential use of copper slag as fine aggregate on the strength of both normal and high strength concrete. Concrete mixtures were prepared using different proportions of copper slag as partial and full replacement of fine aggregate. The percentage of copper slag added by weight ranged between 10-100 of sand used in concrete.

Effect Of Copper Slag As Fine Aggregate Replacement In

Jan 01, 2019 From the Fig. 8, Fig. 9, it is observed that due to 100 replacement of fine aggregate with copper slag excess of water gets stagnant in concrete and leaves more amounts of voids and capillary channels. The formation of this voids and capillary channels effects interlocking bonding between cement and aggregates which results in the loss of strength whereas due to this the durability properties of concrete